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About the model: This plane by today consider to be limited production model based on real replica World War 2 based P-51D Mustang the 'Ferocious Frankie' which today exist as airshow plane. Its made from EPO foam molded material which looks nicely detailed all over both fuselage and wings. Ideally a park flyer plane which flew great in the park and also at big club airfield. Among all my warbirds collection this model is my favorite go to scale plane to fly and show-off in the public due to its beautiful presence in the air. Overall its nicely priced within the budget and uses generic size 3s 2200mah li-po battery used on many of my models. However not an easy plane to fly even at Intermediate level but once you get hang of its its awesome plane to fly. Looks good in the hangar too as it turned lots of heads due to its 'scale' looks.

Model details

Brand: - Duraflytype in -
Model name: P-51D Mustang - Ferocious Franke edition
Url link to model reference (website):
Model released date: 2012-12-28
Model available as: Kit with electronics (need manual assembly)
Flight platform type: Military warbirds (proppeller)
Fuselage material: EPO foam
Model full weight (without battery/empty tank) in grams (g): 1180
Overall length (mm): 945
Wingspan (mm): 1100
Center gravity from the wing leading edge (%): 30
Propulsion method: Tractor propeller
Propellers blade material: Plastic
Propeller - number of blades: 4
Proppeller blade length (inch): 10
Propeller pitch size: 8
Landing gear attributes: Have retracts, Have wheels, Steerable
Flight control surface: Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Air brake

Onboard electronics

Motor brands & models: GC3536-800
Motor KV/turns: 750
Motor attributes: Brushless
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) details: B-ZTW
ESC max Amp (A) rating: 35
ESC's max voltage supported (V): 12
ESC's internal BEC current supply value (A) *If available: 2
ESC attributes: Brushless, Battery/Voltage level cut-off, Linear BEC/UBEC
External BEC module details (if present): TURNIGY SBEC 5V/5A
Servo brands and model details: PZ15178
Servo torque pull (kg): 1
Amount of servo onboard: 6
Additional notes about the electronics: I've added external SBEC to supply reliable 5V/5A current to servos and receiver unit.

Main battery

Battery brands & models: TURNIGY blue pack
Battery type: Li-po
Voltage (V): 11.1
Capacity (mah): 2200
C-rating (C): 35

Radio units

Radio unit availability: Self supplied/use personal custom controller/add
Controller design factor: Thumb stick style
Radio controller details: TURNIGY 9X with FRSKY DJT transmitter module
Radio receiver details: FRSKY D8R-II Plus
Radio frequency: 2.4Ghz
Max radio signal range (meters): 1500
Number of channel required operate: 6
Radio features: Digital display, Digital trimming, Channel mixing, Mutilple model memory, Expo setup, End point setup, Dual-rate, Timer, Detacheable transmitter module, Detacheable antenna, Diversity antenna, RSSI indicator, Data telemetry support, Fail Safe support
Video transmitter antenna details: - type in -
FPV video frequency type: 2.4Ghz analog
Camera head tracking movement: Not moving/static
Head tracking max rotation: 60 degree rotation
Head tracking servo attributes: Coreless brushed


Level of skill to operate this model: Advance
Level of experience to assemble/maintenance this model: Intermediate
Model max speed (km/h): 78
Max runtime achieved (in minutes): 12
Minimum stall speed (km/h): 25
Max flying weight limit (grams/g): 1500

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