We get the same repeated question all the time from other people; "Can you share your setup?"

This is why i created this website to allow you to store database of your R/C collection and setup information. So when people ask that same question again you can share your page setup of model links to them without text book size explanation all over again. You finally your own inventory of R/C model to show off your collection to the world complete with all the references, social media links, medias and proof of your R/C craftmanship.


What R/C details can i post?

When you login you can see all the category of models and field you fill in as long you abide the Terms & condition here.  Here are list of entry you can post within your model page:

  • Url links. (You can also post affiliated links of R/C products related to your setup)
  • Url link to social media or relevant reference.
  • Upload Jpeg photos. (512kb size per-field)
  • Videos. (Youtube/Vimeo)


Posting same models/duplicated models

It is normal to have same model title published all over the directory list because same models may have different owner, setup and parts.  You can make your model title standout  like eg: "Brad's Tamiya Grasshopper buggy", "FPV capable Kyosho Optima", "FPV capable Traxxas Summit" or "Kyle fast E-REVO".  You can re-edit the model title later however the website SEO alias page title will remember its the first title entry in search engine, so type in wisely in your first entry.


Before registering new account

Its wise not to register with username name with exact words with brand names of Radio Control manufacturer, vendor, website name or any 'big names' to avoid conflicts unless you are direct representative of the 'said' brands eg: TRAXXAS, TAMIYA, KYOSHO, HPI, HSP, NIKKO and etc unless you own the said direct names regardless of all caps, subcaps or other form of exact naming.  However you can use username with associated brands 'indirectly' eg: "traxxas_fan", "club-tamiya", UltimateKyosho" or "mynikko" as long you don't have any malicious intent, false company agent or brand bashing. However if other user reported that you're using a community username which is popular in other R/C community forum or website with intent of 'false representation' of an 'individual/entity then the website administrator have rights to change, switch or cancel your username or account entirely.  However the person who 'complaint' must submit relevant proof and documents before the issues are taken.  If the issues get out of hands we the site administrator and the website owner are not liable nor responsible to handle such issue to arise anymore. Both 'affected' registered username and the person who file complaint should settle the dispute outside the website on their own and reached their own agreement.  So use your common sense when registering your username. 


Share your collection
After register you'll have your own subdomain name to your R/C inventory which you can share to your community.  Use it as a url link to showcase your collection and setup.


Constant changes to website features

R/C models technology grows as years progresses, you might notice constant update of new entry field or tab form added in your model inventory if new tech features introduced into R/C models for example FPV add-ons or new radio frequency.  So do login and keep your model database/inventory updated more frequently.


Non biase ratings and equal attention

This website does not have Rating, Vote Ranking nor how many 'Likes' you will get.  Everyone's models article are treated on the same level of status to ensure everyone are treated equally.  Each model page have comments section where model owner can interact with other member who wants to get info about the model setup.  So please interact responsibly and provide userful information about your model setup to other members.  This helps R/C hobby grows. Sharing is caring.


Your contribution to the R/C community

Radio Control model's technology changes a lot overtime.  Sometimes we do missed out new tech, changes and attributes implemented on various R/C models. If you think we missed out new entry field, add-on tabs or category please let us know what to add-in or to improve the website.  We will try our best to improve at the expense of our existing time and resource limit.  However we will make sure our R/C hobby community stays and grow forever.  Your contribution matters.  Contact us here if you need to get intouch with us.